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Ecosystems: Organizational, technical, and theoretical architectures

Mit Christoph Strnadl

Dienstag, 09.04.2024, 18:00 Uhr

WU Wien, Welthandelsplatz 1, 1020 Wien

Teaching Center, TC.2.02 (siehe http://campus.wu.ac.at/?q=TC.2.02)

Today, the term “ecosystem” occurs 13 times more frequently in annual reports than it did a decade ago. This talk is going to de-mystify the often overused buzzword by answering the most fundamental questions of this different form of organizing economic activity. By drawing on examples from biology (where the term originates), the talk dissects and presents a practice-oriented definition of the contested and, admittedly, very broad term “ecosystem”. Several examples from industry will be used in stimulating a discussion, especially w.r.t. the question whether technology platforms (one-, two- or multi-sided) really need to power an ecosystem or not. This core understanding will be used to highlight typical advantages and benefits of ecosystem compared to other forms of structuring economic activities. At the same time, the presentation will not be silent on the (more or less apparent) difficulties and disadvantages of this type of structures. The talk will also highlight the contribution of modern technologies such as data spaces standards and practices or the Gaia-X initiative in supporting the inception and operation of ecosystems. Finally, the presentation will demonstrate an approach to determine and calculate the specific value ecosystems are able to convey to certain economic activities. To the extent time permits, this method will be related to the results of an on-going research effort to exactly (i.e., mathematically) model the dynamics of any ecosystem.

Educated as a research scientist in Theoretical Physics, Dr. Christoph F. Strnadl, CBPP, CMS (UK) has over 30 years of consulting and management experience in IT and how to leverage it for businesses. After 10 years as strategy consultant and business manager at Atos, he joined Software AG in 2005, where he is now responsible as Deputy CTO for realizing technology innovations both internally in Software AG, with clients, and within industry associations such as Gaia-X or the Mobility Data Space. His expertise combines classical and modern enterprise application integration patterns with the IoT realm to truly achieve IT/OT convergence. He is a recognized public speaker with over 300 appearances, university lecturer for BPM technologies, advisor to a blockchain start up, and co-author of or contributor to six books.

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